January 20, 2018 year medical community of Ukraine celebrating the 100 anniversary of the birth of Alexander Alekseevich Shalimov – a world-famous surgeon, one of the founders of the Ukrainian surgical School of academician HAH and AMS of Ukraine, Member of the The New York Academy of Sciences, doctor of medical sciences, Professor, laureate of the State prizes of the USSR and Ukraine, hero of Socialist Labor, hero of Ukraine, Alexander was a member of the International Union of surgeons, Association of surgeons in Austria, Germany, Russia, Ukraine. Created in Ukraine, two research institutes in Kharkov and Kiev.
Alexander Shalimov spent about 40 thousand operations. The author of more than 830 scientific works and inventions, 112. Alexander became the first physician who spent a successful transplantation of pancreatic cancer patient diabetes. Developed and implemented new methods of operations of the digestive system, the blood vessels of the heart.
In the exhibition hall of the national scientific medical library expanded portrait exhibition to the anniversary of academician a. a. Shalimov, on which are represented by monographs, manuals, atlases, scientific works and patents for inventions of the scientist, the teacher.
On the occasion of the 100 anniversary of the birth of the famous Ukrainian surgeon Alexander Alekseevich Shalimov library presents bibliographic editions: Alexander Shalimov. Moments of life /P. Worm Dieth, O. Usenko, J. Smorževskij, L. E. Kornìlova; National reserve. Al-t surgery and transplantology named after o.o. Shalimov Nams National. Sciences. honey. b-Ukraine. – Kyiv, 2017.
The publication highlights the life of o.o. Shalimov – famous Ukrainian surgeon who has made a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian and world surgery. During its preparation used funds Memorial study o. Shalimov, national scientific medical library of Ukraine and the central State kìnofotofonoarhìvu of Ukraine named after h. m. Wheat, personal archives of companions and students o. Shalimov.