Sometimes life is divided into "before" and "after". And sometimes it's not somewhere on the horizon, or in a distant country. All this happened to us, to our Ukrainian land. 23 Ukraine did not know war, and we didn't know many words related to the war.

Robot Medic was never easy and always requires prior planning and general medical care, additional planning, learning on the go and perform your military tasks.

90% of the wounded in war are dying to meet with the doctor, so important is the first few minutes. Ukrainian military deserve the confidence that in case of injury on the battlefield they will receive proper medical care.

Statistics show that half of the wounded soldiers are dying on the battlefield from loss of blood, if it does not stop. It's all happening under aim fire of the enemy. Each fighter in a breast pocket must be first aid kit containing sterile bandage, tourniquet, alcohol wipes, ampoule of ammonia. Today in the ATO working auto sanitary groups, they dopravlâût the wounded to their destination, where they are sorted out by the gravity of wounds and sent in military hospitals. In the ATO has many doctors. They are not much different from the fighters. Just have the body armor, helmets, automatic devices and are in the hell.

General questions of organization of military medicine

Medical emergency

Prevention of infections in the armed forces of Ukraine

Military-field surgery, wounds, injury

Medico-psychological aspect