Anesthesiology: national leadership: [for physicians, surgeons, anesthetists, transfusion ...]/a. Bunyatyan [etc.]; edited by: a. a. Bunjatjana, m. Mizikova; Associate. honey. in quality, the Federation of Anaesthesiologists and reanimatologists. -Moscow: geotar-media, 2017. -1100 s.: IL., tabl. -Bіblіogr.: kіncі.

The Guide contains timely, up-to-date information on all existing types and methods of General and local anesthesia, new anestetikah, gipnotikah, analgesics, muscle relaksantah, antiholinesteraznah and reverse agents squalene infusion-transfusion requirements, their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, new technical devices and facilities for VENTILATION and maintenance of road respiratory tract, monitoring, etc.
Bunyatyan, a. a. Chapter 1. A brief historical overview and issues of Anesthesiology and resuscitation/a. Bunyatyan. -C. 15
Silber, a. p. Chapter 2. The ethical and legal problems of Anesthesiology/a. p. Zilber. -C. 31
Trekova, n. a. Chapter 3. Occupational hazards and their prevention in Anesthesiology/n. a. Trekova. -C. 61
Vyzhigina, m. a. Chapter 4. The main directions of the development of postgraduate professional education Anaesthesiologists-reanimatologists/m. a. Vyzhigina, j. m. Sizova, a. a. Bunyatyan. -C. 73
Mizikov, m., Chapter 5. Theory and mechanisms of general anaesthesia. The modern concept of multi-component nature/m. Mizikov. -C. 93
Silber, a. p. Chapter 6. Influence of anesthesia on the body. Operational stress/a. p. Zilber. -C. 102
Dementieva, and Chapter 7. Acid-base status and vodno-elektrolitny balance/i. Dementieva. -C. 131
Polushin Yu., Chapter 8. The perioperative blood loss and the principles of infusion-transfusion therapy/y. s. Polushin. -C. 141
Rahimov, a. a. Chapter 9. Infusion-transfusion therapy/a. a. Ragimov, a. a. Yeremenko. -C. 156
Yurevich, Chapter 10. Narcosis-respiratory support/m. Yurevich. -C. 180
Mizikov, m., Chapter 11. Maintenance of the Airways and the problem of "difficult tracheal intubations"/m. Mizikov, e. l. Dolbneva. -S. 194
Vyzhigina, m. a. Chapter 12. Mechanical ventilation in Anesthesiology/m. a. Vyzhigina, v. l. Kassil. -P. 214
Kozlov, s. p., chapter 13. Intraoperative heat loss and their correction/s. p. Kozlov, a. Svetlov. 252.
Bunyatyan, a. a. Chapter 14. Intraoperative monitoring/a. Bunyatyan, e. Flerov. -263
Gelfand, b. r. Chapter 15. The basic principles of clinical pharmacology/b. r. Gelfand, f.p. kiriyenko, e. b. Gelfand. -287
Bunyatyan, a. a. Chapter 16. 73.21 anaesthetics/a. Bunyatyan, m. a. Vyzhigina. -306
Osipova, n. a. Chapter 17. Intravenous anesthetics and hypnotics/n. a. Osipova, e. Horonenko. -329
Osipova, n. a. Chapter 18. Opioid analgesics/n. a. Osipova. -351
Nikoda, Chapter 19. Non-opioid analgesics/v. Nikoda, n. a. Osipova. -371
Lekmanov, a. w. Chapter 20. Muscle relaxers/a. w. Lekmanov. -384
Kozlov, s. p. Chapter 21. Local anaesthetics/s. p. Kozlov, a. Svetlov. -S. 399
Trekova, n. a. Chapter 22. Drugs affecting the cardiovascular system/n. a. Trekova, a. g. Yavoriv, m. n. Seleznev. -413
Trekova, n. a. Chapter 23. Antihistamine, antiemetic and other adjuvant drugs/n. a. Trekova. -C. 435
Guryanov, Chapter 24. Pre-operative examination. Operational risk anesteziologicheskij/a. Guryanov. -448
Bunyatyan, a. a. Chapter 25. General anaesthesia/a. Bunyatyan. -468
Kozlov, s. p. Chapter 26. Local anaesthesia/s. p. Kozlov, a. Svetlov. -476
Evdokimov, e. a. Chapter 27. Concomitant anaesthesia/e. a. Evdokimov. -C. 495
Mizikov, m., Chapter 28. Pharmacological sedation/m. Mizikov, m. n. Mustafayev. -506
Evdokimov, e. a. Chapter 29. Errors, risks and complications of general anesthesia/e. a. Evdokimov, v. v. Lihvancev. -521
Svetlov, Chapter 30. Complications of anaesthesia/a. Svetlov. -560
Trekova, n. a. Chapter 31. Anesthesia in the cardiovascular surgery/n. Trekova [etc.]. -578
Other authors: Yavoriv a. g., Babalian g. v., m. n. Seleznev
Lokshin, l. c. Chapter 32. Extracorporeal circulation/HP Lokshin. -626
Vyzhigina, m. a. Chapter 33. Anaesthesia in thoracic surgery/m. a. Vyzhigina, o. a. Valley. -S. 649
Stamov, Chapter 34. Anesthesia in abdominal surgery and Coloproctology/i. Stamov. -699
Lubnin, a. Yu., chapter 35. Anesthesia in neurosurgery/a. y. Lubnin. -749
Svetlov, Chapter 36. Anesthesia in cosmetic surgery/a. Svetlov, t. Vashhinskaja, n. g., the ballerina. -774
Svetlov, Chapter 37. Anesthesia in Traumatology and orthopedics/a. Svetlov, a. y. Zaytsev, g. Gvak. -C. 789
Vabishchevich a. Chapter 38. Anesthesia aspects of internal organs transplantation/Vabishchevich a., l. a. Krichevsky. -825
Lukach, n. Chapter 39. Anesthesia in emergency abdominal surgery/v. m. Lukach, v. l. Kohno. -879
Neimark m. i., Chapter 40. Anaesthesia in endocrine diseases/m. i. Neimark. -C. 900
Guryanov, Chapter 41. Anaesthesia in obstetrics/a. Guryanov [etc.]. -C. 916
Other authors: Gelfand b. r., Pyregov a. v., Kulikov a. v.
Michelson, Chapter 42. Anesthesia in Pediatrics and neonatology/v. a. Mikhelson [etc.]. -C. 940
Other authors: Lekmanov a. u., Saltanov a. i., stepanenko s. m.
Osipova, n. a. Chapter 43. Anesthesia in geriatrics and patients with concomitant diseases/n. a. Osipova, e. Horonenko. -973
Mizikov, m., Chapter 44. Anaesthesia at outpatients and in endoscopic surgery/m. Mizikov. -1005
Polushin Yu., Chapter 45. Anesthesia in difficult circumstances/y. s. Polushin. -C. 1029
Yavoriv, a. g. Chapter 46. Anaesthesia in rentgenojendovaskuljarnyh interventions and diagnostic studies/a. g. Yavoriv, d. n. Bucket. -1041
Nikoda, Chapter 47. The immediate postoperative period/. Nikoda. -C. 1050
Zhidkov, and l. Chapter 48. Anesthesia in experimental animals/i. l. Zhidkov. -1064