Біопсихосоціальна модель допомоги у клінічній практиці: Цикл наукових праць / К. В. Аймедов. - Одеса : Прес-кур'єр, 2016. - 175 с. : іл., табл. - Бібліогр.: с. 153-167.
Аймедов, К. В.

In the field of mental health, this model allows us to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients. The latter fact is extremely important for the Organization of psychiatric care in modern conditions.
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I use bìopsihosocìalnoï model system aid patients with different types of pathology. -S. 8
1.1. Assistance for persons with mental and behavioral disorders. -S. 8
1.2. Help people with psychosomatic illnesses. -P. 13
1.3. Psihoprofìlaktična assistance to persons who belong to the risk groups. -P. 19
1.3.1. Help exhibitors ATO and forced peremìŝennim. -P. 21
1.3.2. Assistance to patients with special needs and their families. -S. 32
II. Features of providing comprehensive assistance depending on the age. -S. 39
2.1. the children, teenagers and young men. -S. 39
2.2. persons of the middle and old age. -C. 54
III. the main strategy of the team work of specialists of various fields. -C. 58
IV. the use of e-nealtn technologies in medical and psychological practice. -P. 67
4.1. Classics of telemedicine. -P. 67
4.2. Internet technology and mobile "Messenger". -P. 69
4.3. the sector of the media. -C. 71
V. Palliative and Hospice help. -C. 74
5.1. The evolution of palliative care in Ukraine. -C. 74
5.2. the Bìoetičnì and nooetičnì principles of providing palliative care. -P. 80
5.3. Euthanasia and morality. -C. 89
VI. General education in the system of higher medical education. -S. 93
VII. Forensic-Psychiatric and psychological examination. -P. 99
VIII. Ways of interaction between governmental and non-governmental organizations in providing assistance to individuals with different diseases and risk groups. -C. 105
IX. General information. -C. 127
9.1. The history of the Department of Psychiatry, addiction Medicine, psychology and social assistance of the Odessa National Medical University of Ukraine. -C. 127
9.2. the report on the activities of the Department for 2014-2016 years. -P. 129
9.3. the staffing of the educational process. -C. 135
9.4. The experience of employees of the Department of international organizations, September romadska and volunteering. -P. 147
9.5. Pedagogical innovation applied to enhance cognitive activity of students. -C. 150
X Basic Edition with the cycle of scientific papers. -S. 153
10.1. The main scientific work of the employees of the Department. -S. 153
10.2. the publications of scientific papers. -C. 159
Відомості про автора. - С. 168[/showhide]