NNMBU users have access to the Internet from computers installed in the library and their laptops or mobile devices via wireless Internet WiFi.

Provision of access to the Internet is governed by the use of the Internet in NNMBU, which are presented below.

The order of provision of the service

The library provides Internet access to users in the following areas:

  • Hall electronic catalogues (building a, no. 11)-computer Library
  • General reading room (building a, No 9) – from their own laptops or mobile users through wireless Internet WiFi

Access to the Internet for all categories of users NNMBU is free and free, the service is available without an appointment.

You use the Internet:

  • from the computers in the library – 1 hour (if the queue)
  • with their own laptops or mobile devices via wireless Internet WiFi is not limited

User rights

The user has the right to:

  • freely and free of charge access to the Internet with scientific, educational and educational purposes
  • receive free individual or collective help and advice on finding information on the Internet
  • use hardware and software libraries to find the necessary information in Internet
  • use your own hardware and software to find the necessary information in Internet
  • copy the information from Internet in academic, training, and educational purposes.

The duties required of the user ’

The user is obliged to:

  • carefully treat the property, maintenance and software Libraries
  • inform librarians about the problems that have arisen with technical and software

The user is not allowed:

  • to make changes to your computer settings and software, install any software from the Internet or from their own media on computers in the library
  • stored on the hard drive of computers installed in the library, your personal files
  • use nevìdformatovanì and damaged disks
  • use the Internet for commercial, illegal and contrary to the moral and ethical norms, goals, as well as causing damage to other persons or organizations
  • use and distribute banned law materials
  • turn off or restart your computer ’ without the permission of the librarian
  • copy Internet audio-video and software
  • download from the Internet Archive files, self-extracting
  • interfere with the work of other users

The responsibility of the

  • For violation of the rules for use of these rules, the administration of the library reserves the right to prohibit the use of the Internet in the library.
  • For intentional damage to hardware and software, the user shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation.