Born Daniel Yulianovich Kryvchenya

    16.03.2018 day

    80 years since the birth of children's surgeon, doctor of medicine, Professor Daniel Ûlìanoviča Krivčenì (1938)

    Surgeon, doctor of medical science (1978), Professor (1980), honoured worker of science and technique of Ukraine (1998). Graduated from Kyiv Medical Institute (1960). He worked as a doctor. From 1963 in the Kiev Institute of improvement of doctors: 1980-1992 – founder and head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery; at the same time 1971-1981-RR ganìzator and head of the Department of cardio-sous dinnoï surgery of the Kyiv INSTITUTE of clinical and experimental surgery; 1981-2005 – founder and Director of the clinic of complex defects in children Institute of Pediatrics, obstetrics and Gynecology INSTITUTE; 1992-2011-head, from 2011 – Professor of the Department of Pediatric Surgery of national medical University. President of All Ukrainian Association of pediatric surgeons (from 1993).

    Explained the concept of some immediate correction of the defects of the heart and tromboembolìčnih uskla dnen. Suggested application of correction complex defects in infants and young children, segmentarnoï resection of the lung with emphysema vrodženìj, traheoplastiki at traheomalâcìï, steplernogo colorectal disease treatment in mozu anasto Gìršprunǵa; developed methods of diagnosis and surgical treatment of abnormalities of the arc of the aorta and pulmonary artery, forming the choroid ring; improved technique for the correction of deformities of the chest. For the first time performed the operation TRANS location Aperture at the aplazìï of the lung to eliminate respiratory distress syndrome, Plas tics aperture with simultaneous reìnnervacìêû diaphragmatic nerve in a child with paralysis Erba. His algorithm for children with portalnoû hypertension, the me methodology on segmental organooŝadnih operations for diseases of the spleen.

    Scientific works: "Diagnostics and treatment Giršprunga bolezni in novoroždennyh and children staršego vozrasta" (1986); "Diagnosing and treatment ožogov piŝevoda in children" (2001); "Are congenital lung malformations in children" (2001); "Aplasia of the lung: simptomatologìâ and indications for surgical treatment" (2003); "Surgery of children's age" (2009); "Morphological criteria for early diagnosis of sepsis and prediction of the risk of sepsis in children with acute purulent damaging pneumonia" (2011).