Born Mitrofan Nikolaevich Moskalov

    14.01.2018 day

    145 years of the birth of a surgeon, doctor of medicine, Professor Mitrofan Nikolayevich Moskalova (1873-1940)

    Surgeon and urologist, a doctor of Medicine (1913), Professor (1919), head of CA at general surgical pathology at the University of St. Volodymyr, Kyiv Medical Institute (1919-1931), consultant of medical establishments of Kyiv (1931-1938).

    He graduated from the medical faculty of Kiev following the University of St. Vladimir (1902). Pupil Of D. Pavlovian. Surgical intern in the foot-1904-1905 Department of Kyiv military hospital. From 1905 to 1909 is a physician of the surgical Department "Bolnicy for černorabočih". 3 1911 he worked in the laboratory of surgical pathology of the Uni versitetu. Vladimir. In 1913 he defended his thesis for the degree of the dokto RA medicine "Aube" scientists pielonefritov aetiology ". 1913-1919 – Assistant Professor of general surgical pathology of the University, 1919-1931 – head of the same Department.

    Developed original methods of surgery retooling tuberculosis treatment at Le gen (torakoplastika, frenìkotomìâ), found that pathogenic mìkroorganìz we are the agents of pìêlonefritìv – appear originally with the flow or the second time through the lymphatic system.

    Naukovі pracі: "Experiences small laboratory nokokkov 5th vaccinated animals and attempts to seroterapii" (1905); "Foreign report to mandirovke to study surgery 1 après la 1909 to April 1, 1911 Goda" (1912).