Narodivsja Sergiy N. Ruchkіvskij

    07.01.2018 day

    130 years from the birth of the microbiologist at, epidemiologist, doctor of biological sciences Serhiy Nikiforoviča Ručkìvskogo (1888-1967)

    Microbiologist and epidemiologist, doctor of biological sciences, Professor (1935), corresponding member of the ACADEMY of MEDICAL SCIENCES of the USSR (1946). He graduated from the medical faculty of Uni versitetu. Vladimir (1914). In 1914-1925 – epidemiologist, ìnfekcìo nìst, head of the Department of the Kharkov bacteriological Institute; 1929-1937 – head of Roman 1st bacteriological Institute, water nočas in 1929-1934 – Associate Professor, 1935-1958 – head of Department of Kyiv Institute of improvement of doctors, 1939-1948 – head of the Department of epidemiology of the Kiev Institute of dičnogo me . From 1958-zavìdu vač Department of Kyiv Institute of EPI epidemiology, microbiology and parazito technologies.

    Scientific work was dedicated to bakterìo epidemiology and epidemiology of botulìzmu you sipnogo typhoid, dysentery, salmonelozìv, toxinfection paratifoznoï groups, of scarlet fever. First described epìdemìologìû paroxysmal riketsìozu, gave his agent and established a natural hotbed of ìnfek tion, found its carriers – mites. Explored the question of diagnosis of certain infections and cancers.

    Scientific works: "Èpidemiologičeskie nablûdeniâ on sypnomu typhus (1930); "Intestinal infections. Typhoid fever, paratifi, dysentery: Epidemiology, clinic, prevention "(1936); "Proc. by èpidemiolo gii so nazyvaemoj volynskoj lihoradki" (1948).