Born Vladimir Kirillovich Gull

    14.01.2018 day

    80 years since the birth attendant-gynecologist, corresponding member of the AMS of Ukraine, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Volodymyr Kiriloviča gull (1938)

    Corresponding member of the AMS of Ukraine (2003), doctor of medical science (1982), Professor (1985), honored worker of science and technique of Ukraine (1993), laureate of the AMS of Ukraine (1998), head of the Department of obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology faculty internship and postgraduate education of Donetsk National Medical University. Gorky (1987), General Director of the Donetsk regional centre of maternity and childhood (1992).

    Main directions of scientific activity: problems of theoretical and clinical Gynecology, obstetrics and Perinatology; the question of the development of new methods of research, medical technologies, invention; improvement of operative technique; the study and correction of the causes that affect the reproductive function of man, beginning with the child's age; family medicine. Developed a concept of scientific and practical training of Obstetricians-gynecologists, Donetsk region, first in Ukraine organized the training of children's and teenage gynecologists.

    Naukovі pracі: "Amenorrhea among adolescent girls" (2000); "Antiphospholipid syndrome" (2004); "Miscarriage: problems and tactics of treatment" (2006); "Infections in obstetrics and Gynecology: a practical guide" (2006); "Bear together. Family childbirth: pros and cons (2006); "Basics of reproductive medicine: a practical guide" (2011); "Barren marriage: a practical guide" (2012); "Obstetrics: a training manual" (2015, 2016).