Phthisiology: a guide for students of medical universities/n. Kolisnyk, [etc.]. -Dnepropetrovsk: the Middle peasant t. k., 2015. -218 p.: IL., tabl. – Refs.: s. 211-214.

The manual is created taking into account the classical knowledge of tuberculosis and on the basis of the modern requirements to the standardization of medical care. It laid out the latest regulations, changes in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention of tuberculosis that will be useful for students of different specialists in the process of training and subsequent work.
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Entry. -P. 6
The etiology of tuberculosis. -S. 8
Pathogenesis and pathomorphology of tuberculosis. -P. 20
Methods for the examination of the patient with tuberculosis. -S. 41
Classification of tuberculosis. -S. 83
Differential diagnosis. -C. 125
Treatment of tuberculosis. -C. 150
Prevention of tuberculosis. -P. 190
Organization providing medical care to patients with tuberculosis. -S. 203
List of used sources. -P. 211
Alphabetical pointer. -P. 215