The national scientific medical library of Ukraine is the leading research and information institution of medical science and healthcare, which provides library, bibliographic, information services practitioners, teachers and students of medical universities, scientists, who conduct research in the field of medicine and related sciences, etc.

Library founded order No. 128-and people's Commissariat of health care of Ukraine November 6, 1930.

Since 1969 the library occupies the building in Tolstoy, 7. The total area of the premises is 2 975 m2.

Since 1975 the library staff is headed by the honoured worker of Culture Minister and.

In 2006.According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine of 286/2006 № 03.04.06 library was given the status of national.

Today the Library operates 18 units, the total number of employees of the library – 177.5.

As a leading information institution of the Medical Branch Library is the organizing and scientific-methodical Center of the network of medical libraries (816 libraries of different levels).

Having one of the largest in Europe a system of funds literature medical-biological, which counts more than 1.5 mln. copies of 35 languages of the world, the library annually serves more than 65 thousand. medical specialists and 1.5 thous. medical institutions.

The book collection of the library is a national cultural property of the country, part of the general cultural heritage, which is guarded by the State. About 20 thousand journals from the holdings of the library to be included in the "State Register of national cultural heritage." The Library maintains partnerships with 35 libraries and research institutions in 16 countries of Europe and America. Provides access to specialists-doctors to world information resources (byl′še 2.5 thousand electronic journals with access to full-text in the On-line ...).

As a Center for industry-wide medical bibliography the national scientific medical library of Ukraine publishes bibliographical indexes of both current and retrospective character with the most urgent medical problems.

Awards Library

  • Honors Council of Kyiv municipal Trade Union of health workers for an active implementation of scientific medical knowledge and culture and spirituality in a broad range of health care workers, the popularization of scientific and creative works of eminent industry (2015)
  • The memorable sign "award by the National Medical Academy of postgraduate education named after p.l. Shupyk (2015)
  • Diploma of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Library Association (2014)
  • Award of the Senate of the Republic of Poland (2013)
  • Medal of the Academy of medical sciences of Ukraine (2005)
  • Diploma of the Academy of medical sciences of Ukraine (2005)
  • Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers (2005)
  • Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1980)