Kolapsohìrurgìâ in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis of the modern/and etc's stentorian tones, o. Tailor; Amounts. State. UN-t MES of Ukraine. -Sum: Sum. State. UN-t, 2016. -317 p.: IL. – Refs.: s. 296-317.
'S Stentorian Tones, And Etc.

The monograph is dedicated to the treatment of common forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, Mycobacterium complex resistance to various types of anti-bacterial drugs. Highlights the contribution of Ukrainian scientists in the development of kolapsohìrurgìčnih methods of treatment. Proposed modification of the torakoplastik, designed for sanitation of the pulmonary parenchyma of different localization on the background of pnevmoperitoneumu as an alternative to chemotherapy. This monograph can be used by students of Senior courses and interns and students of institutions of postgraduate education. It will give the opportunity to combine and extend the knowledge obtained in the departments of tuberculosis, infectious diseases, internal medicine and radiology.
The content of the
Entry. Reflections of the surgeon with the word to the therapist. -S. 9
1. A brief historical digression. -P. 22
2. Surgical Anatomy for edge-muscle skeleton of the chest. -P. 28
3. Development of torakoplastiki in Ukraine. -S. 48
4. Features of modern tuberculosis of the lung and the effects of his treatment. -C. 56
5. Sources of modern pulmonary tuberculosis. -P. 65
6. The results of conservative modern antibiotic therapy for tuberculosis. -P. 69
7. the peculiarities of TB of the lungs in case of refusal from the displayed operation. -P. 75
8. Reactivation of tuberculosis of the lung after successful antibiotic therapy in the first found. -P. 81
9. The causes and features of the re-activation of operovanih pulmonary tuberculosis patients. -C. 95
10. Ekstraplevralna torakoplastika. -S 111.
10.1. Operation Zauerbruha. -S 111.
10.2. The first torakoplastiki on the territory of our country. -C. 114
10.3. The contribution of the Kharkiv surgical school in the development of kolapsohìrurgìčnih surgery in Ukraine. -P. 119
10.4. Franz Yulievich Rosay-founder of kolapsohìrurgìï in Ukraine. -P. 121
10.5. The features of the treatment of the giant and large Caverns by Anatoliy Grigorovičem Kiselyov. -C. 125
10.6. The confirmation of the viability of torakoplastiki in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. The contribution of Aršavìra Karapetoviča Florikâna in kolapsohìrurgìû tuberculosis. -128
11. Torakoplastika and its formation in the Kiev Institute of tuberculosis. The organizer of ftizìohìrurgìčnoï aid in Kiev-Mitrofan Nikolaevich Moskalov. -P. 134
12. Contribution of Vladimir Mikhailovich Savych formation ideas kolapsohìrurgìï and implementation of them. -P. 138
13. Grigoriy Gavrilovich Gorovenko and kolapsohìrurgìâ in Ukraine. -P. 147
14. Operation Kostromìna Paul Ilyich (extended verhnozadnâ torakoplastika). -P. 155
15. Yuriy Mykolayovych Mohnûk-the forerunner of the modern readings of the torakoplastiki. -C. 160
16. The contribution of Nikolai Stepanovicha Pylypchuk was in kolapsohìrurgìû tuberculosis. -S. 168
17. The contribution of surgeons regional TB dispensaries in the development of kolapsohìrurgìï. -S. 174
17.1. The military surgeon-ftizìohìrurg Sumy oblast-Mikhail Danilovich Korenevskij. -S. 174
17.2. The contribution of Vinnytsya region in the development of ekstraplevralnoï torakoplastiki (Ivan Yuriyovych Osìjskij). -P. 179
17.3. The contribution of Ivano-Frankivsk in kolapsohìrurgìû pulmonary tuberculosis (Ivan Kajda). -P. 185
18. General indications for surgical treatment and torakoplastiki of patients with tuberculosis of the lung. -P. 191
18.1. Substantiation of modern approaches to surgical treatment and torakoplastiki in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in the face of the epidemic. -P. 213
18.2. Perednoverhnâ ekstraplevralna torakoplastika to eliminate verhìvkovoï residual pleural cavity and with due pnevmotoraksì. -P. 221
18.3. Torakoplastika in simultannih interventions about the chronic tuberculous Pleurisy. -S. 225
18.4. Preoperative preparation of patients. -S. 235
18.5. The nature and methods of surgical interventions. -P. 242
18.6. Ìntraplevralna shaping torakoplastika. -P. 266