Special place in the historical archives of the National scientific medical library of Ukraine is taken by the collection. Among them, including "medical collection, which numbers more than 2000 editions and includes the publication of the works of Ukrainian scientists-doctors, and 26 personal collections from their own libraries of Ukrainian scientists, doctors and researchers of the history of medicine.

A collection of "medical ukraïnika"

Book collection "Medical including" which is formed over the years with editions of Ukrainian doctors, is a decoration of the Foundation of the national scientific medical library of Ukraine. The collection includes publications with giftgivers autographed and donated to the library by the authors.

In the collection are such Ukrainian books of famous scientists-doctors as Yi Bernads′kogo-Professor, Member of the European and the International Association of traumatic facial surgeons; N. m. Amosov-academician, one of the founders of pulmonary and cardiac surgery; Vozianov a.f.-academician, President of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Director of the Institute of urology and Nephrology, o.o. Shalimov-academician, a member of the NAS and AMS of Ukraine, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the name of which is linked to a whole epoch in the development of the modern world and domestic surgery, a.p. Romadonova-academician, a world-renowned neurosurgeon, etc.

Special populârnìstûv bìblìotecìkoristuût′sâ books of famous physicians homeopaths dynasty Popovih.

Great contribution to the replenishment of the collection "medical including" making Ukrainian Diaspora: Jaroslav Ganìtkevìč, Paul Pundìj, Gregory Malinovsky, Igor Galârnik, Irina Dotsenko, etc.
Pride of place in the collection is occupied by works of famous scientists-doctors: i.m. Trakhtenberg-academician, corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology; S. Čekmana-corresponding member of the AMS of Ukraine, Member of the New York Academy of Sciences; E.s. woman's – phytotherapist, whose book "Fìtotehnologìâ Ukrainians have no analogues in the world medical literature, v. Bezrukova-gerontologa, expert of the UNITED NATIONS and the World Health Organization, corresponding member of the Academy of medical sciences.

A collection of "Artistic creativity of Ukrainian doctors '

A collection of "Artistic creativity of Ukrainian doctors ' is the fraction of the documentary funds of the national scientific medical library.
This unique collection includes nearly 250 copies of artistic works and works of fine art of medical workers.
Combine several ìpostasej doctor, writer and artist manages many doctors today, art books and albums which reproductions of their own artistic canvases also enrich the collection.

Among them:
Book Yg Vìlens′kogo "Sponsor Elena Luk′ânova", "Doctor Bulgakov".
A collection of poems a. Popova "Âbločnyj layer.
Roman-the story of Yuri Nakhimov «Signs», «Chernobyl», «Light dance of the past ".
Tale V. Vojtenka Of Gogol. Genius and madness, "" the Chronicles of life and works of Nikolai Gogol, Gogol. On the rivers of vavìlons′kih ".
Novels in. "Pasko Noch zabytyh pesen", "forgiveness", and "Vice istiny".
A compilation of short stories, novels, dialogues and reflections By Budzanivska "on the wave of life."
Album of reproductions of his own artistic canvases v. Bezrukova.
Book Basil Šenderovs′kogo "Let not quenched the world of science", which contains 51 essay about Ukrainian scientists doctors.

Personal collection

At a meeting of the 26 personal collections of the library of over 15 thousand. copies of the documents to be included in the State Register of national cultural heritage of Ukraine, which are carefully kept in the Fund and viokremlenì in reference-search device NNMBU.
A large part of the collections has pam'âtkove value. Many of the documents have personal seals and ekslìbrisi owners, authors ' autographs, initiations from colleagues, friends, leaders of medical science (Behtêrêva, Sikorsky, I. Frumkìna, v. Tries, Komìsarenka and others). In addition, darčih are often found in fields, mark made by the owners of the books.
Many editions printed a small number of copies, which makes them a bibliographic rarity. There are collections and konvolûtnì Edition, which about 1.5 thousand. storage units. Each konvolût includes the 20-30-60 documents. Among the konvolûtnih editions are rarities 17-18 century.

Personal collection in the archives of NNMBU:

  • Baraboâ Vìlena Abramovich
  • Bernads′kogo Yuriy Josipovic
  • Bêlìcera Vladimir Aleksandrovich
  • Borisenka Yuriy
  • Vìlens′kogo Yuriy
  • Ganìtkeviča Yaroslav Vladimirovich
  • Gromaševs′kogo Lev Vasilievich
  • Datsenko Irina Ivanovna
  • Leonard Avenue.
  • Zapadnûka By Gnatoviča
  • Zapotočnogo Boris Alekseevich
  • Zaric′kogo Leonid A.
  • Zubara Anatoliy Melentyevich Volkov
  • Kvìtnic′kogo-Ryzhov Yuri Nikolaevich
  • Kolpakovoï Irina Aleksandrovna
  • Kočìna Igor Vasyl'ovych
  • Kulìkovs′kogo Anatoly Georgievich
  • Malahal′cevoï Isabella Vardanìvni
  • Pedačenka George Panasoviča
  • Pie Lyubomyr Antonovich
  • Êfremoviča Mykola Polishchuk
  • Saienko's Valeria Feodosìjoviča
  • Semenûti Mykola Maksymovych
  • A.m. Andrew
  • Tolstanova Alexander
  • Trìnusa Fedor Petrovich
  • Frumkìna James Pavlovich
  • The Warriors Of Anatoly A.