International book

International book Exchange is an integral part of the Fund's acquisition of foreign literature. It provides a bezvalûtne receipt of literature based on equivalent exchange of literature, the library provides user access to foreign medical publications and dissemination abroad of domestic medical publications, promotes intellectual contacts, mutual understanding between scientists in different countries, etc.
As of 2014 Library holds the book of 35 scientific institutions and libraries in 17 countries in Europe and America. Every year the Library receives from its partners 58 titles of periodicals of medical-biological profile, among which many valuable international journals: Annals of Medicine, Central European Journal of Public Health, International Dental Journal, News in Physiological Science, etc. Within the knigoobmìnu library sends its partners 24 titles (80 sets) of Ukrainian medical journals.

International book

International forums and professional-educational visits

The library is a participant of the international library and medical forums and the organizer of the annual international scientific-practical Conference, which are the representatives of Poland, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Tatarstan and other countries.
Active exchange of experience between the library and the foreign partners. Library staff involved in vocational and educational visits to libraries and academic institutions in different countries of the world, and also take in its library of foreign delegations and to share their own experience.

International forums