On the eve of new year holidays, the Foundation of the Polish medical library. Zbigniew Relìgi in Kiev has new editions that came from the District of drug commerce in Warsaw with the assistance of an authorized representative of the head of the District Medical Board Krzysztof Krulìkovskogo and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.
Серед нових надходжень періодичні видання видавництв польських року 2017 Aluna, Czelej, Netfirms, Via Medica, Termedia: «News», «practical Dermatology Medical», «Psychiatry», «Oncology», «surgical and Nursing Angiologiczne» та інші.

We are sincerely grateful to Dr. Anna Vajŝuk release, Professor Tadeušu Tolochko, Dr. Kšištofu Krulìkovskomu, Dr. Jan Antčaku, Dr. Andžeû Contemporary, Dr. Anna Lučinskìj, Dr. Kšištofu Šreeru and Dorothy and Kazimierz Krulìkovskim for books and magazines their own collections, which they presented to our library.

Soon new arrivals will be displayed in the electronic directory of the repository and presented in the Polish medical library. By Adam Relìgi.