Terms of use regulate the relationship between the users and the library in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.

1. General provisions

1.1. the rules for the use of National scientific medical library of Ukraine was developed according to the Common rules for use of the library, "with changes and additions, approved by the Ministry of culture and arts of Ukraine on 25.05.2001 No. 319.

1.2. National scientific medical library of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as NNMBU) is the main scientific-informational Agency of the country in questions of library-information and bibliographic software specialists in the medical industry, the national collection, the industry by the depositary, the center of interlibrary knigoobmìnu, organizational, scientific-methodical and focal point of a network of medical libraries.

1.3. the Documentary Fund of the NNMBU included in the uniform industry call the Foundation Of system libraries are State property and is under protection of the State.

1.4. the NNMBU serves the healthcare, Government and private organizations, health professionals, students, medical educational institutions of І-IV levels of accreditation, specialists in their professional activities require the use of information sources on medicine and related disciplines.

2. the rights of the users

2.1. the right of use of the NNMBU are:

  • health workers;
  • medical institutions and organizations;
  • institutions and organizations, individual experts, who are working on the development of medical and biological research problems, the problems of medical education and technology, pharmaceutical production and related with medicine branches of knowledge;
  • students and educational institutions and accreditation levels IV-medical-biological;
  • individual specialists are not medical-biological profile, who have employment petition signed by the head of the institution indicating the scientific topic or production problems that are related to the medical and related with medicine disciplines.

2.2. Foreigners and stateless persons who are in Ukraine on legal grounds enjoy the same rights on library service at NNMBU, and the citizens of Ukraine.

2.3. the Users of the library have the right:

  • shall use the information about the composition of the documentary funds through the reference-search device (except commercial databases);
  • free of charge receive consulting assistance in searching and selecting information sources;
  • free of charge receive temporary use documents from the holdings of the library, in addition to the documents, acquired by funds received from economic activity of library;
  • receive documents or their copies via interlibrary (more MBA) and correspondence (further) passes;
  • get information from other libraries using modern telecommunication network;
  • participate in the readers ' conferences, presentations of new books, information Days, the days of specialists;
  • use of other types of services.

2.4. Users have the right to receive additional paid services, the list of which is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1271 of the A.M. r. "On approval of the list of paid services that can be provided by cultural institutions, based on the State and communal property and annually revised and approved by the leadership of NNMBU.

2.5. service users in General and specialized reading rooms, checked.

2.6. In the specialized reading rooms for use of sources of information in accordance with the rules of using these rooms.

2.7. The services of a home loan are eligible to use the online specialists for medical and biological profile of constant registration in Kyiv.

2.8. The user has the right to receive no more than 5 documents for processing outside of the library. The term use of domestic publications – 30 days, foreign – 14 days. Period may be extended, but not more than 14 days. In case of urgent need, the library has the right to reduce the time limit.

2.9. The search for necessary information users perform on their own, using reference-search device (DPA), the electronic catalogue (EK) and consultants.

2.10. requirements on foreign information sources verifies and signs consultant Hall of directories and files.

2.11. The mandatory deposited material, reference publications, increased demand, patent documentation, rare and valuable documents, and documents obtained by the library through ill, are provided for use only in reading rooms.

2.12. Documents from the holdings of the libraries are given according to čitac′kimi requirements on the forms of the established sample. At the same time the user may order no more than 7-and the documents in issue.

13. requirements for those documents executed within 30 minutes from the main libraries, from remote knigoshoviŝ is the next day.

2.14. Ordering documents, users can leave the bronepolicâh in service for up to 10 days. After 10 days, documents that are not used, return to the libraries.

2.15. Selection and issuance of documents in the reading and specialized facilities and record documents home stops one hour before the completion of the work of the library.

2.16. In the absence of the funds of library documents, users can use an MBA, medical workers of the Kyiv region.

3. Duties of the user

3.1. For the record to the library for the purpose of permanent customers present a passport (with registration) or other document in lieu of documents about education, degree, student card, a certificate from the place of work, two photographs measuring 3 × 4.

3.2. When recording the visitors get acquainted with the rules of using NNMBU, fill out the registration card and receive a library card.

3.3. In case of change of place of residence indicated in the Passport, the user must inform the library within a month in person or over the phone.

3.4. For lack of proper documents for the record in the library, visitors are temporarily with the right 3 times. Hereinafter interested person you want to record to the library rules.

3.5. the health care workers who are in Kiev on a business trip, a refresher for the record to the library you must present a passport, certificate of business kursanta, a ticket or other document on medical qualifications.

3.6. When visiting the library users must have a library card, which performs the functions of the pass.

3.7. In case of loss a duplicate library card it seems after charging penalty fees.

2.4. Users should carefully refer to the obtained sources of documentary Fund NNMBU. When obtaining the documents necessary to check their quantity and presence of damages and in case of damage, notify about it a librarian, who must make the documents the corresponding label. Otherwise responsibility for detected damage to the user.

2.4. Users are responsible for the unauthorized use of created library databases of other intellectual property rights in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

3.10. Every document issued at the ticket home is fixed in reader service and confirmed by the signature of the user.

Note. In case of receipt of documents authorized representative should have this written power of attorney.

3.11. Copying and scanning of documents from the library is carried out exclusively within the NNMBU.

3.12. The user is obliged to return the documents no later than the deadline. In case of violation of terms of use documents, paid the penalty for each overdue day. The size of the penalty is determined by the library.

3.13. The person who lost or spoiled document from NNMBU, must replace it with a similar document, recognized the library as an equivalent or compensate its market value. The size of the compensation is determined by the library.

3.14. Users (including enterprises, institutions, organizations) that violates the rules of use of the NNMBU, are deprived of the right to visit her for a term determined by the library. Materials about malicious violation of the rules for use of NNMBU can be transferred to the Court in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

3.15. Users must observe silence and order in the reading rooms and other areas of the library. Person in a drunken condition and slovenly form to the library are not allowed! Smoking indoors is prohibited library!


  • transfer a library card to other persons;
  • without warning at the point of registration to contribute to the library's own books, newspapers, magazines, maps, clippings from newspapers, microforms, diskettes and copy technique;

Note. If the user needs to work with the document, indicated in the funds of library, he must get a pass on his making the head of the Department of maintenance.

  • go to the library with tv cameras, to shoot inside the library only with the permission of the Directorate;
  • take the library documents issued for work in reading rooms, taken from exhibitions and open access shelves;
  • upload documents obtained on your library card, others;
  • underline text and make any marks in the received documents, recurve, spoil or tear sheets;
  • visit to the premises of the library in outerwear, portfolios, bags, folders, packages;
  • use of cellular communication in the reading rooms of the library.

4. The duties of the library

4.1. the Library is obliged to:

  • inform users about all services that attaches to the library, including surcharge;
  • create the conditions for the use of the documentary Fund, to assist in the selection of the necessary documents;
  • take care about the culture of service users;
  • create users in need of information, use of libraries;
  • take into account the requests of users in the formation of information resources and conducting mass events;
  • systematically to carry out work on the preservation of documents issued to users;
  • do not use information about users of the library and their interests with any purpose, except scientific, without their consent.