on November 14 in the national scientific medical library of Ukraine presentation of Atlas ' malformations of the respiratory system ", written by d. y. Krivčeneû and d. o. Rudenko. The book is printed in the year 2017, worked on it for 3 years, and material used for decades.

Kryvchenya Daniel Yulianovich is a well-known scientist in the field of Pediatric Surgery, doctor of medical sciences, Professor. an academician of the ACADEMY of Ukraine, honored worker of science and technique of Ukraine. Apprentice academicians n. m. Amosov o.o. Shalimov. Founded and headed the Department of Pediatric Surgery in the Institute of improvement of doctors (1980-1992) and the clinic of complex defects in children at the Institute for Pediatrics, obstetrics, and Gynecology at the AMS of Ukraine (since 1980). Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery of national medical University named after o.o. Bogomolets (1992). Created a school child's surgeons. Developed and improved diagnosis, and for the first time in Ukraine fulfilled the original operation of complex defects of development-double aortic arch, anomalnìj pìdklûčičnìj artery, pulmonary artery, loops of great vessels in the newborn, as well as segmentarnu resection in lung emphysema vrodženìj. Developed and first performed traheoplastiku and aortopeksìû with traheomalâcìï and stenozah compression of the trachea. For the first time in world practice to relieve respiratory distress syndrome suggested and executed operation translocation of aperture in the aplazìï lungs revealed anatomical pathophysiological peculiarities of the defects and the need for its surgical correction, which zaperečuvalas for centuries. Developed algorithm to assist children with the syndrome of portal hypertension. Developed methods of segmental-preserving operations in diseases of the spleen, liver and pancreas. Author of over 350 scientific papers. Has 35 copyright certificates and patents on methods of operations and surgical instruments. Author of 5 monographs and several textbooks.

Dmitry Yulianovich Kryvchenya – an outstanding personality. In his medical work linking scientists from 15 countries of the world: during the 2014-2017 years, 41 citation. Of the hardest bugs that are considered incurable in the world, 86 it number successfully – this is the second result in the world. Daniel Yulianovich believes that the basic knowledge gained through our library, constant Reader which is from 1965 onwards.