November 9, 2017, in the National Library of medicine science of Ukraine was presented a new fourth book "Let go of the world of science" Vice President of the Ukrainian physical society, the historian of science, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, profesopand Vasiliy A. Šenderovskogo.

Vasiliy Andreevich Šenderovskij — the initiator, organizer and Executive Director of the International Bureau's encyclopedic on physics, which lead to the creation of the Ukrainian language "Encyclopedia of Physics", dictionaries, textbooks in physics and history of science. He is the author of essays, "Let not quenched the World Science" of outstanding scientists with Ukrainian roots, who have made a significant contribution to the development of World Science. In addition heapočatkuvav the the author's program and five years led her along with reporter Emma Babchuk on the first channel of the Ukrainian national radio. It turned out more than 120 transmission of the outstanding Ukrainian scientists who for various reasons were little known or zamovčuvanimi.

Boris Oleynik so spoke about their work in a. Šenderovskogo: "We are stretching the world his genius and just now they are collecting, thanks to such Associates as Šenderovskij.

The presentation of the new book, which was held in the National Library of medicine science of Ukraine was attended by scientists from the Institute of Cybernetics Nasu, v.m. glushkov Institute of physics NAS of UKRAINE, public figures, members of the Union of writers of Ukraine and the library specialists. After the presentation the guests were patriotic melodies performed by the virtuoso violinist Kyrylo Stetsenko.

VA Šenderovskij in his speech said that the Ukrainian people gave the world hundreds of majestic figures, including bìohìmìka John Gorbachevsky known mechanics, one of the founders of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Stepan Timoshenko, Nobel Prize in physics Georges Šarpaka and many other prominent personalities that have brought fame to our country. Among Ukrainian scientists who reached the summits of European and World Science, one of the most honorable places belongs to Ivan Pulûû. Its scientific and technical activities earned him widespread international recognition. Unfortunately, their names more know overseas andthan at home. The author shared with the audience their reflections on the implications of the extermination of Ukrainian intelligentsia, the importance of the return of the State, its scientific elite, because the national consciousness is being established through the knowledge of the historical past.

In our opinion Book "Let go of the world of science" Vasiliy A. Šenderovskogo There should be a reference in every Ukrainian, which tends to be an educated person.