Project corporate cataloguing

Project corporate cataloguing of medical libraries in Ukraine effective from 2004 onwards. Within the project initiated a system of corporate cataloguing and Consolidated electronic catalogue of medical periodicals. As of 1.01.2018 partners Systems corporate cataloguing is the 24 medical library. The project is open to the participation of medical libraries.
The coordinating organization: National scientific medical library of Ukraine.
Project Coordinator: Eugenia Kocûra; phone: (044) 289 12 72; e-mail:,
Summary table of periodicals, libraries, rozpisuûtsâ Corporation (1st half of the year 2018)

The aim of the project:

Achieving a qualitatively new level and efficiency meet the information needs of health care professionals by sharing a single scientific processing of documents.


  • Create libraries of parties shared information resources
  • To avoid duplication in the work of saving material, time and manpower

Corporate system of cataloguing

Participation in the system of corporate cataloguing:

Partners of the system can be any medical library, which contracted with the national scientific medical library of Ukraine to participate in the system and agree to carry out its terms.

Minimum technical requirements for participation in the system:

  • Automated library information system IRBIS, version not below 32
  • Electronic mail, which allows you to send and receive bibliographic records

Summary e-catalogue of medical periodicals

As of 1.01.2018 Consolidated e-catalogue of medical periodicals presents the analytical painting 359 titles of periodical publications, which are in the archives of the medical libraries. Among them 239 120 Ukrainian and Russian editions.

Lìnvìstične provide Consolidated catalog of medical periodicals:

  • DSTU GOST 7. 1:2006 Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of the Assembly
  • DSTU 3582-97 Abbreviations of words in the English language in the bìblìografìčnomu description. General requirements and rules
  • GOST 7.12.93 bibliographic record. Abbreviations of words in the Russian language. "General requirements and rules
  • DSTU GOST 7.80:2007 "system of standards on information, library and publishing. Bibliographic record. In the title. General requirements and rules of drawing up "
  • Communicative format UNIMARCdlâ bibliographic data
  • MeSH-Medical subject headings of the United States National Library of medicine

Reglamentuûčì documents


Project Coordinator:
Eugene Kocûra, Chief Librarian of the Department of information technology

Phone: + 38 (044) 289-12-72

Fax: + 38 (044) 234-51-97


Polish medical library

A joint international project of the District Medical Chamber in Warsaw and the national scientific medical library of Ukraine.
The project was launched in 2011, with the support of the Embassy of Poland in Ukraine.
The aim of the project is to create a centre of Polish medical books in the National Library of medicine science of Ukraine.
In the framework of the project to the NNMBU coming in books and magazines of the Polish publishing houses with different medicine as in Polish and English. As of 01.06.2014 year received about 400 editions of books and of more than 2 thousand. copies of periodicals.
Information about all publications are presented in card and electronic catalogues of the library. On the site NNMBU you can get acquainted with virtual book exhibition "Polish medical books", where the publication presented a thematic katagorìâmi. Separately organized thematic book exhibition literature that came within the framework of the project, from the Circuit of drug commerce in Warsaw and other participants in the project.
For users of the literature is in the public domain.

The publication of the collection of the Pzpn Relìgi

With the assistance of the Foundation of the Polish cardiac surgeons and with the consent of the wife of the famous Polish Pzpn kardìohìrurga Relìgi library has received 27 books and 66 names of medical journals from his personal collection. Theme magazines varied and related to the achievements of Polish physicians, laboratory research, the use of artificial bodies in medical practice. The library was enriched with valuable publications, among which the "Biographical Dictionary of doctors and pharmacists – victims of the second world war", "the history of Pharmacology in Poland", "Dictionary of medicine and pharmacy of Upper Silesia", "the right to health for doctors", "progress in biomedical technology, the thesis of the Polish scientists-doctors.

Edition, publishing house "BORGIS"

An active member of the project is the Publishing House of the Polish medical book "BORGIS," which delivered sets of modern medical journals. Among them, the English-language journals of thoracic surgery, "European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery," "Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, The Annals of Thoracic Surgery and the Polish medical journals" Nowa Medycyna, Nowa Stomatologia "," Nowa Pediatria, Medicina Rodzinna "etc. Some of the titles came in the amount of 30-50 kits, to provide them with not only the national scientific medical library, but also other medical library.

Aided awareness of medical workers

April 2014 National scientific medical library is an information partner of the project "the system of the automated inform doctors, nurses, students, medical specialties and heads of medical institutions".
The system offers a directory sending different types of regulatory and scientific-practical documents as well as information on the special measures for health care workers.
The system was created thanks to the cooperation of the charity organization "Preventing diseases of civilization" and the national scientific medical library of Ukraine.
Within the project library provides to the system full-text publications from the specialized scientific-practical editions of 25 specified themes concerning the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with associated diseases.
Thanks to the participation in the project the national scientific medical library of Ukraine has extended the range of its remote information services and attracted new users. Monthly employees NNMBU to sent about 200 new publications that can be read by doctors, nurses, students and teachers of medical education zakladaìv and leaders of medical institutions. On average, new service per month enjoy 800 medical workers.

Information-your & #8217; it Centre in NNMBU

The creation of the information and computer centre in the library is a joint project of the State scientific medical library and international Rotary Club International ", which was implemented in 2001-2002.
The aim of the project was the automation of the main library processes and further their development and improvement.
The main focus of the project:
Creation of a local computer network.
Purchase and installation of computer equipment and software.
Acquisition and implementation of automated library and information system.
Training of librarians work with the software.
As a result of the project was created by a local computer network on 52 network sockets and merged into a single network of buildings and in the library; purchased and installed 15 computer workstations, servers, printers, scanner and Windows operating system license; by librarians completed certified training of Office software.
Own contribution of the library in the project was the purchase and installation of air conditioning in the server room, as well as the acquisition of automated library and information system (ILS) Irbis-32 for the automation of the main library.
21-22 May 2002 took place the opening of the ìnformacìno computer centre library that has 6 computers for user access to the Internet, an electronic library catalog, electronic research databases.
The opening was attended by the leaders of the Rotary clubs of Dr. Osvìn Hrìstel′ (Germany), Robert Pic (Australia), Dieter Štajnbah (Germany), Fol′kmar Rosìnk (Germany), Member of Australian children's Aid Foundation of Chernobyl Martha Semkiv (Australia), representative of the Rotary Club of Kiev Vladimir matveyev, officials and members of the public of Ukraine.
Thanks to the implementation of the project, the library received the opportunity to improve the quality and extension services (based on the use of information technology) for users and improvement of technological processes.

Canadian-Ukrainian medical project "education"

Canadian-Ukrainian medical project "education" – international interstate project between Canada and Ukraine, who acted in 1993-1999.
In support of the State scientific medical library of Ukraine was a separate paragraph, and Library Director Pavlenko, and was an advisor to the project from the Ukrainian side (on voluntary basis).
During the period of the project, the library has received more than 700 foreign books and magazines, audio-visual equipment, computers, modem, participated in the annual conferences, which were held in Kyiv and Edmonton.
In 1993, took place the visit of the Director of the library of the Minister, and to Canada. During the visit, with the purpose to acquaint with the work and the exchange of experience, had traveled in the medical library of the Edmonton and Calgary. Director DNMBU Pavlenko, and small series of performances on radio tatelebačennì with the subject "Medical Library on the health service."
In 1995 and 1997 Library Director r. i. Pavlenko participated in the conferences that took place in Edmonton.
In 1999, in the framework of the project took place the visit of the Government delegation headed by the Minister of health, which became Library Director Pavlenko and representatives of delegations took part in the International Congress of telemedicine and innovative information technology (Edmonton). In the Congress attended by more than 800 delegates from 20 countries.