Dear readers, colleagues, friends!

Medical experts say: where there is a modern information-incidence is less, and vilìkovnìst′ diseases.

The doctor could not stand by the achievements of the world and the world of medicine, his knowledge and skill are required each person today and always. So the holy duty of medical libraries-carry the light of knowledge for the sake of the health of the people.

Today the national scientific medical library of Ukraine is an integral link of the health care system, a true leader of a powerful library network (over 600 libraries) medical industry of the country.

Time is fluid. Library of the eternal. So no other this unique Treasury of medical knowledge where present and prijdešnìst′ speakers of all languages.

With best regards,
Raisa Ivanovna Pavlenko

General Director NNMBU
Honored worker of culture of Ukraine
Cavalier order of Princess Olga.