8 February 2018, at 15 pm in the Golden Hall of the national scientific medical library of Ukraine hosted a literary-artistic evening commemorating Stepan Vasilievich Rudanskogo Street.

Already traditional has become an annual celebration of satire and humor, dedicated to the classic of Ukrainian literature, famous poet, translator, a Montrealer, a talented doctor, organized by national scientific medical library of Ukraine (NNMBU) and The National Union of writers of Ukraine.
This year the holiday gathered at the National Library of medicine science of Ukraine more than 100 individuals – fans of native words. Among those poets, writers-comedians, the students of Kyiv universities, employees of the library.

The initiator of conducting annual readings 35 years ago was the ceo of NNMBU, the honoured worker of culture of Ukraine Raisa Pavlenko, who in his speech mentioned many presenter Peter Osadčuka, which departed to eternity in 2014.

The hosts of the evening were the Ukrainian writer, humorist Grits Chamaedrys and representative of Vinnytsia's compatriots, fellow NNMBU Anatoliy Zubar who mention All literary-artistic Prize named after Stepan Rudanskogo Street, which is awarded every year the homeland of the famous Ukrainian. In 2015, the diploma winners of the award were the authors of the book "and I again living world oglâduû. under the direction of Viktor Pavlenko.

During his speech, the Secretary of the National Union of writers of Ukraine (NWUU), English children's writer, honored worker of culture of Ukraine Anatoly Head on behalf of the Chairman of the NWUU Michael Sidorževskogo handed the certificate of the collective National scientific medical library of Ukraine in the person of the Director-General of Raisa Pavlenko Ivanovna for the promotion of creativity and commemorating the famous Ukrainian writer Stepan Rudanskogo Street.

The Chief of talented poets Vladimir Strekal and Valentine Kozak, who read their own poetry, as well as the content of the speech was historian of medicine, public figure Viktor V .gayduk's announcement.
At the end of the evening was demonstrated the film, shot during the holiday of satire and humor, that took place in Kalynivka village in January 2017, under the title "living memory", filmed Zhitomir ODTRK. In the film, great attention is paid to pravnučatomu nephew s. Rudanskogo Street doctor military service To Boržkovskomu, which is the main collector of history glorious kind and popularizer of his work.

After the appearances of all present in the Golden Hall of the pìdvelisâ and performed the song "prostitutes, violent, Vkraïnu, that was the emotional finale of the evening.