Pneumonia (ancient-Greek Πνευμονία from πνεύμων) (pneumonia) is polìetìologìčne vogniŝeve infectious-inflammatory lung disease with and the implicating in the pathological process of respiratory departments and obligatory presence of inflammatory exudation inside the alveoli.

World day to combat pneumonia
(World Pneumonia Day) appeared in the calendar due to the global coalition against child pneumonia. So called Union International, governmental, non-governmental and local organizations, research and academic institutes, foundations and citizen activists. The Coalition seeks to draw attention to the problem of statesmen of pneumonia, health professionals and potential donors.

One of the tools that can help achieve this goal, became a world day to combat pneumonia. On this day, healthcare organizes preventive measures, conduct medical examinations. In addition, many volunteers to tell people about pneumonia and United with it risks handing out information leaflets and booklets.

In addition, in 2009, the World Health Organisation jointly with UNICEF announced a "global plan of action for the prevention of pneumonia and fight with it. The purpose of this plan is the revitalization of the struggle with pneumonia by using a combination of measures for the protection of children, prevention and treatment of disease.

By the way, children suffering from pneumonia in the first place. This disease is a major cause of mortality of juveniles throughout the world. Every year it takes the lives of 1.4 million children under five years of age. It's more than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. It is important to remind the world about pneumonia and motivate people to action, able to stop the disease: to spread information, to interact with the authorities, to donations to immunize. This actively engaged in volunteers in the world day to combat pneumonia.

All concerned can express them solidarity, even putting on ... blue jeans. This clothing has become a symbol of the world day to combat pneumonia.
To your attention in the Hall of the NNMBU shows book exhibition «world day to combat pneumonia "Invite students of higher medical educational institutions, doctors-specialists in respiratory diseases, therapists, family physicians, and all who are interested in and care about this problems.