Define UDC

The library offers a service codes for the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) on articles and abstracts of theses on medicine and related sciences.

UDC is determined by the Ukrainian editions table of UDC.

The service is paid.

Inquiries by phone: + 38 (044) 289 14 40; 289 03 49.

The order of provision of the service

Anyone can use the service definition of UDC.

For a more rapid and efficient provision of services, it is desirable to provide a full text of the document, which will be determined by the UDC.

Subscribe and receive completed orders can be:

  • contact Department of scientific literature indexing (Corp., c. 24)
  • e-mail, by sending a request to the following address:
  • Ukrposhta. Request to send to the address: St. Leo Tolstoy, 7, Kyiv, 01033, Ukraine

Requirements for the order

When ordering services indexing documents for UDC must provide reliable information about the document, which will be determined by the UDC and the user who makes the request.

Information about the document:

  • the full title of the article/abstract the thesis (in the original language and in English if the document all)
  • surname, name and patronymic name of the author
  • Summary (in Ukrainian)
  • keywords (in Ukrainian)

Information about the user who makes the order:

  • surname, name, patronymic;
  • library card number (if any);
  • contact information-e-mail; the phone.

Terms of service

The service is provided only on the condition get the customer all necessary information and confirmation of a previous payment of services.

Terms of service

The service is provided in the order total stage depending on the number of orders.

The term of order execution: from 1 hour, but not more than 3 working days (excluding the time for forwarding in the case of Ukrposhta).

The price and form of payment

The service is paid for all categories of users.

Payment is made in the form of prepayment on account of NNMBU. You can also pay cash on Reêstracìjno-the help section in the library.

Details for payment:

Edrpou code 02011887
Bank: SSCU, Kyiv.
Settlement account № 31254205109457
MFI 820172
Is not a VAT payer and income tax

List of services and price

Service A unit of measurement Price
Determination of the index of UDC 1 document 20 UAH.

General information

The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is a library document classification is widely used around the world for organizing works of science, literature and art periodical printing, different types of documents and files. Developed International bibliographic Institute in 1895-1905. on the basis of "Decimal Classification" American Librarian Dewey.

Abbreviated table of UDC in English (more than 2000 entries)