NNMBU offers to all those who wish to get acquainted with the library through observation and professional, group and individual tours.

Tours are conducted in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages by appointment.

Inquiries by phone: + 38 (044) 289 14 40; 234 51 97.

Examination and professional guided tours


Tours are conducted for all comers.

On viewing excursions can be found:

  • the history of the building of the library: a monument of architectural and design art XIX century – the home of the legendary family famous sugar Tereshchenko
  • the history of the national scientific medical library of Ukraine
  • with the basic resources and services offered by the NNMBU its users today

Professional excursions:

NNMBU also offers a familiarity with the inner workings of the Organization of the library for other libraries, students ìnformacìno-library professions and other interested parties.

On the professional tours you will see:

  • from the resources and services offered by the NNMBU its users
  • technological processes
  • information technology used in NNMBU

Group and individual tours

Are held as observation and professional group tours:

  • for individual visitors (team)
  • a collective request

When ordering please indicate the number of persons that will be on group tours for a request and the name of the organization.

You can also order customized overview of the NNMBU.

The order of provision of the service

Customers can choose a convenient time and date.

The mode of conducting tours:

Group excursions
(collective request)
Group excursions
(national group for personal applications)
Individual excursions
Days of the week Mon-Fri.
In addition to the San. day
Tues, Thurs.
In addition to the San. day
In addition to the San. day
Hours 10.00-16.00 11.00, 15.00 10.00-16.00

You can book a tour:

The price and form of payment

The service is paid.

Payment is made in the form of prepayment on account of NNMBU. The service can also pay cash on Reêstracìjno-the help section in the library (Corp.).

Details for payment:

Edrpou code 02011887
Bank: SSCU, Kyiv.
Settlement account № 31254205109457
MFI 820172
Is not a VAT payer and income tax

List of services and pricing:

Service A unit of measurement Price
Maintenance of groups and individual visitors:

private tour

Group Tour

1 person (1 hour)

1 person (1 hour)

50 UAH.

20 UAH.

Provision of services on the Organization and holding of exhibitions, cultural events 1 hour 100 UAH.
Holding the kìnozjomok premises and inter ’ êrìv NNMBU 1 hour from 2500 USD.
Conducting photo opportunities of premises and inter ’ êrìv NNMBU 1 shooting (up to 10 FPS) 50 UAH.