Benign and malignant tumors of the maxillofacial area

Benign and malignant tumors of the maxillofacial area : photoalbum / L. M. Skakun, N. O. Tverdokhlib ; Ukraine health care Ministry, State higher educational institution "I. Horbachevsky Ternopil state medical universiry of the Ukraine health care Ministry". - Ternopil : TSMU, 2017. - 68 p. : col.phot.
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Skakun, Leonid M.

Перевод заглавия: Доброякісні та злоякісні пухлини щелепно-лицевої ділянки: фотоальбом.
Clinical images of patients with benign and malignant tumors of the maxillofacial area, radiographs and CT scans of the skull bones are presented in the photoalbum. The publication meets the curriculum of surgical dentistry for the 4-th year course students Faculty of Dentistry, approved by Ukraine Health Care Ministry, and is a complementary educational material to prepare students for seminars sections: «Benign tumors and tumor-like growths of the MFA soft tissues» and «Malignant tumors of the MFA soft tissues» Photoalbum consists of 7 classes, corresponding plan of seminar topics. There are a sufficient number of the patient’s pictures with various tumors of the maxillofacial area, required for complete coverage of the seminar topics. Photoalbum illustrative material will facilitate clinical orientation of students in the study of head and neck tumors. This publication is based on the photographs, schemes and radiographs of the skull bones from the author’s own clinical archives and Internet resources. Photoalbum is designed for students of dental and medical faculties, oncologists, surgeons, otolaryngologists, internship-doctors, family doctors.

Part 1. Benign tumors and tumor-like growth of the maxillofacial area soft tissues. - P. 4
Lesson 1. - P. 4
Lesson 2. - P. 19
Lesson 3. - P. 25
Lesson 4. - P. 35
Part 2. Malignant tumors of the maxillofacial are a soft tissues. - P. 42
Lesson 5. - P. 42
Lesson 6. - P. 53
Lesson 7. - P. 59