In the Golden Hall of the national scientific medical library of Ukraine took place the presentation of the collection of poetry "the palette of feelings» Anatoly Radzìhovskogo is the honored worker of science and technique of Ukraine, a famous surgeon, scholar, educator, artist, doctor of medical sciences, Professor, longtime friend of the library.
Велелюдне зібрання об’єднало відомих лікарів, науковців, вчених мужів різних галузей науки, літератури і мистецтва та працівників ННМБУ на чолі з генеральним директором, заслуженим працівником культури України, повним кавалером ордена княгині Ольги Раїсою Павленко.
Anatoliy Radzìhovskij thanked the library for the opportunity of holding the event in its walls and relayed word of input to Nikolai Lukìvu, the famous Ukrainian poet, Member of the writers ' Union, honored figure of Arts of Ukraine.
On behalf of the Patriarch of Kyiv and all RUS-Ukraine Filaret, representative of the Kyivan Patriarchate gave Anatoly Radzìhovskomu order of St. George the winner of "Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate.
With shvalnimi estimates of poetic creativity of the author and his paintings, especially his podvižnickoï activities in the field of medicine, were: Vladimir Ogryzko – Ukrainian diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2007 – 2009 r.r.) Valeriy Tsybukh-diplomat, Verkhovna Rada Deputy 11 convocation Mikhail Onufrìjčuk – Minister for press and information (1996-1998, 2006). With Word of the audience addressed also Ivan Drach – outstanding Ukrainian poet, novelist, politician, hero of Ukraine, the winner of many awards, Commander of the order of Prince Yaroslav the wise, and others. In the poetic form greeted the A.P. Radzìhovskogo, national artist of Ukraine, poet, novelist Gregory Bulakh. He read a poem from his collection of "Face to face" is dedicated to the great master, who brilliantly possesses a scalpel, brush and pen.
Special decoration of the presentation of the poetic collections was reading his poems performed by folk artist, a longtime friend of the national scientific medical library of Ukraine, hero of Ukraine Anatoly Palamarenka. Throughout the evening was his unique voice, conveying all the nuances of words, feelings and opinions of the author.
The meeting was very informative, filled with poems of reflection on present, exciting memories of the past and hopes for the future.